And if you guys do not have dragon balls i place a preserve file (all unlock at starting) in the rar. Should you utilizing the help save info first backup your old savedata. And if you want to return your character appear to be, uncomplicated uninstall the mod.(You will find there's image inside the rar, just uninstall The 2 x2m file)Every single m… Read More

Пользовательское соглашение Соглашение о конфиденциальности Согласие на обработку персональных данных Информация для правообладателейSet a concern that triggered some costumes to be removed from the inventory when it experienced … Read More

I had been personally not able and bored with obtaining the "All Stages and Characters" mod Operating. I Actually only gave it a cursory glance, just before I understood Substantially more about how the DBXV2 mods work. Could probably get it functioning just fine now, I am going to Have a look and find out if I can not help you.Will this perform wi… Read More